Found bottles

While cycling home from the beach along the cycle track I stopped to pick up some branches as i’d seen a craft project i’d like to try but they weren’t suitable but I noticed there was a large hole I think made by a badger and there were loads of bits which had been dug up by the badgers. There was a load of glass bottles, and I love glass bottles :)

These are the ones I found which were in one piece

DSCF4534 DSCF4532 DSCF4529 DSCF4538 DSCF4537

Gosport P1 Superstock

Recently Gosport hosted P1 Superstock out in the Solent which consisted of jet ski and power boat racing, with live music and small funfair. The beaches were packed and here are some of my photos. (The grey land mass in the background is the Isle of Wight)

DSCF4405 DSCF4407 DSCF4408 DSCF4409 DSCF4348 DSCF4357 DSCF4362 DSCF4367 DSCF4381 DSCF4385 DSCF4386 DSCF4392

Flowers and insects

I carry my camera with me everywhere I go and on the odd occasion I don’t have it on me because I am only going to the shops, it’s sods law I see something I wish I could photograph :)

At lot of these are taken in my local area, either my parents back garden, my Dads allotment, on my balcony or around Gosport’s parks etc. 

5592303488_9f381aabb0_z 5592305784_90eb3af5aa_z DSCF4797 DSCF4802 DSCF5049 DSCF5438 DSCF5427 DSCF5667 DSCF6171 DSCF6192 DSCF9934 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Paper Guy

There was also a sneaky paper guy watching over the proceedings in th King Street Tavern, apparently he (and/ or) similar are made by a local artist and they appear all over Pompey.

I like him, he looks cool and very comfortable sat up above bar :)

DSCF4321 DSCF4326


Doodle Club

Doodle Club happens at the King Street Tavern Portsmouth every first Thursday of the month, it is hosted by the lovely Kendal James aka Eyecandy. You just turn up then chat, drink and doodle. Paper and pens are provided, its good fun.

Kendal’s lovely creations on Etsy:: 

And these are some of my creations – 

DSCF4316 DSCF4283 DSCF4285 DSCF4288 DSCF4314Doodle 1

DSCF4297 DSCF4319 DSCF4320 DSCF4290 DSCF4293 Doodle 2

DSCF4310 DSCF4313 DSCF4302 Doodle 3

DSCF4306 DSCF4307 DSCF4304 Doodle 4


40 Things I Want to Tell My Kids Before They’re Too Cool to Listen

A great inspirational article entitled ’40 Things I Want to Tell My Kids Before They’re Too Cool to Listen’ but anybody and everybody should read it :D

My new happy little cactus

We were having a clear out due to having to move soon and came across these mugs in the cupboard and thought of getting rid of them but then noticed that they were a bit chipped so no-one would want them, then thought hang on a minute . . . . and a perfect match was made! My lovely new cactus in its lovely new re-purposed home 



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