WW2 poem

I wrote this poem for a school history homework in year 9 about life as a soldier during WW2.

The trenches were cold and damp,

everybody was all a cramp,

whether you are dead or alive

its a challenge to survive.

Guns blasting up above me,

death is all I see,

putting on our masks to protect us,

from what we can not see.

Machine guns firing all around,

bodies fall and hit the ground,

blank white faces lying there,

with arms and legs lying elsewhere.

Wishing I was back at home,

with no more Flanders Fields to roam,

A comfy house, and my lovely wife,

no more terrible sacrifice.

All those deaths and what for,

a very bloody wasteful war,

thousands of soldiers dead and gone,

and a lot of loved ones left to mourn.

School Poem

This poem I wrote at school in about year 7 or 8 and I had it written on the back of my rough book.


Everyday I go to school,

everyday teachers are cruel,

they like to set us lots of work,

then behind our backs they stand and smirk

Everyday I eat my lunch,

everyday I sit and munch,

on apples with a juicy smile,

to satisfy my hunger for a while

Everyday I pack my rucksack,

everyday I wear my mack,

to protect against winter, wind and water,

and to look after my parents young daughter

Every school day the clocks ticks on,

like the beat of a constant drum,

everyday at school is like being in a prison,

it makes me feel so bed ridden.

Paper pictures

Working with paper seems to be my main joy, its a cheap and quite often free resource, needs a basic assortment of tools ie. scissors, pencil, glue stick and the occasional hole puncher (great for little circles of paper). I am in the process of making some new ones all on the theme of nature and the great outdoors either in their quotes/ words or in the visual design. These are all ones I made a while back all on the theme of gardening, some I have sold, some I have not :) All of these use old gardening book pages, from books which I have picked up for free or less than 50p at various fairs, sales and possibly charity shops.

I now have a folder full of text from magazines, junk mail, free newspapers etc. all in colour specific plastic wallets! I do enjoy collecting up the words and then arranging them however some letters are very difficult to find without them overlapping another letter for example ‘f”s are really difficult and other letters like ‘z’ just don’t come up all that often, and some fonts are too curly and bunched up to be able to use – it’s not as easy as you think! :)

Again the frames I have picked up from various fairs, sales and charity shops.

DSCF8436 DSCF8438 DSCF8441 DSCF8442 DSCF8365 DSCF8366 DSCF8367 DSCF8371

Birds and animals

Another collection of photos I have taken, here, there and everywhere :)

1526350_579795695424630_647159541_n  10405628_673483036055895_7139549746565892096_narrrh_cute_bulls_by_jppyro15127_635022423235290_3732030620535383544_nDSCF7703  DSCF7699 10538048_673483056055893_7709181495064542482_n 10538048_673482826055916_7733894723994693312_n   247715_468978439839690_491105852_n179136_468978463173021_643883048_n1379389_533962733341260_1028171256_n1382366_533962926674574_988866113_n1239650_512402322163968_1622616468_n61454_673482789389253_1009921587299609416_n     267702_468978499839684_539398594_nDSCF7021DSCF7020  545223_424538820950319_977045744_n 735010_424538827616985_1686598372_n

Beach scavenger hunt


Have felt the pull of the beach and sea for a few weeks now and managed to go yesterday. I love collecting bits and pieces and breathing in the lovely seaside air. I always collect wood for my driftwood creations but I fancied making something lovely and bright and colourful with all the found bits of plastic. Think of it as creative litter-picking :) The image above is everything that I collected.


All the lovely colourful bits of plastic and rope

DSCF7696 DSCF7698

All the pieces of driftwood

DSCF7693 DSCF7718 DSCF7716

The shells, holey-stones, pieces of sea glass and a couple of corks


Playing about with all the pieces, haven’t glued these down yet


The few bits left over

DSCF7703 DSCF7699

All sorted and done while being watched by a neighbours lovely black pussy cat

A trip to the pictures

When my brother and I were at school we decided that we wanted to try and go to the cinema twice a month, and considering that we had to pay for the local ferry to go the cinema too I hate to think how much we spent but man, did I see some great films and some films I probably never would have seen otherwise. I used to record the films we saw in my diary and we rated them too. Here’s the marking criteria we made up:


My friends used to love to see my lists

DSCF7577 DSCF7571

DSCF7576 DSCF7578 DSCF7583

DSCF7554 DSCF7550 DSCF7552 DSCF7553

DSCF7559 DSCF7555 DSCF7556 DSCF7558

DSCF7562 DSCF7560

Didn’t keep a diary in 2009

DSCF7566 DSCF7563 DSCF7565

DSCF7570 DSCF7567 DSCF7568

Some of these films I completely forgot about till I got these out again to photograph. I got reminded about these after going to see a horror film at the cinema with my brother on his birthday and it has been ages since we’ve seen a horror film so we started reminiscing :) I also collected all the tickets which I have upstairs which I may also show you one day.


Now I admit I suffer from a range of anxieties, my stomach is awful in the mornings, I replay conversations over and over in my head, hate and avoid making and receiving phone calls other than from about 3 people, have great difficulty in popping round a friends for a cup of tea I feel I need more of a reason, a lot of decisions are agony although I have got better, feel guilty for not doing something but if I go do that feel like I should be doing something else so can’t win, find it very difficult to answer the door always feel like its going to be something that’s going to make me start panicking or is going to replay over and over in my head, or I won’t know what to say/ answer, if anything particularly dramatic happens during the day it will then trouble me in my dreams/ sleep, get random feelings of anxiety, worry, sickness and tension, as I can’t answer phones I send emails more and now starting getting to the point where I can’t open certain emails, struggle to ask how much things are at jumble sales etc. love it when everything is labelled and I’m sure the list goes on.

And how do they say to get help, just phone us up and make an appointment!!!!!!!!!!

There’s no hope!! :D

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