Coca-Cola adverts

I love adverts, I love Coca Cola and I love old books and objects so these old American National Geographic Magazines are amazing. These adverts are found on the back cover these are all from a pile I brought recently for less than a tenner.

DSCF7366DSCF7363 DSCF7365  DSCF7368 DSCF7369 DSCF7371 DSCF7374 DSCF7356 DSCF7357 DSCF7358 DSCF7359 DSCF7360 DSCF7361

Can you own too many brooches?

No :)

This is the vast majority of the brooches I own, many I have picked up at Christmas fayres, jumble sales, car boot sales and charity shops and some have been given to me from friends and family and others I have from childhood. I love putting them on my coats and on hats to jazz them. The fabric hanger I made from just some scrap material as I thought they should be shown off more and not kept tucked away in a pot. Hope you like them.

DSCF7102 DSCF7108 DSCF7109

I tried to write which ones I love best but started writing nearly all of them so gave up on that one :D

Valentines Day trip to Portchester castle

We live fairly near to Portchester castle, I have been there many times as a child but my partner has never been and Valentines Day seem a good day to go visit a castle :)

We loved looking round the castle unfortunately a section of it is under repair/ maintenance, the view at the top is wonderful and rather chilly! Then loved walking all the way back down the spiral staircase. Would definetly recommend listening to the audio tour too.

We then headed over to the church to have a look inside and there’s a lovely te room so warmed up a bit with a cup of coffee and hot chocolate.

We then walked along the edge of the water, played in the desolate children’s play park and then headed into Portchester highstreet. Went in all the charity shops and brought 2 lovely new jumpers, a new cooking bowl, 2 cd’s a pair of shoes and a groovy wall fixture then hopped on the bus to the Seagull pub for lunch before heading on into Fareham. Contacted my big bro and saw Shaun the Sheep at Reel! Then as my brother had a while till the next train back to Pompey we went to spoons for a couple of drinks and then ended up having a pub dinner as well as a lunch! before heading back home on the bus.

DSCF7335DSCF7316 DSCF7317 DSCF7333  DSCF7238 DSCF7241 DSCF7243 DSCF7244 DSCF7248 DSCF7252 DSCF7253 DSCF7254 DSCF7261 DSCF7268 DSCF7277 DSCF7280 DSCF7285 DSCF7292 DSCF7293 DSCF7294 DSCF7295 DSCF7298 DSCF7300 DSCF7301 DSCF7304 DSCF7305 DSCF7308 DSCF7309 DSCF7310 DSCF7313 DSCF7314 DSCF7315

Lampshade upcycle

On my blog page above is all about my badge decorated lampshade. Here’s a number of retro badges I picked up recently from a charity shop in Portsmouth for 10p each and have now been added to my lampshade :)


Toadstool pin cushion

I do a fair amount of sewing, repairing brollies, sewing badges onto my camp blanket, repairing clothes etc. and I always used the end of the sofa as my pin cushion but being a insane Pinterest fan have seen many many different pin cushion crafts and so with a old salsa dip jar, some scrap fabric, some old matress stuffing I got hoarded from a friend of mine and a load of uhu glue. Voila a groovy new pin cushion and needle and pin holder is born. Although I may also have a go at making one of those felt needle books to go in the jar too :)

DSCF7345 DSCF7341 DSCF7344

Blind continuous line drawings

After reading this lovely blog article I decided to share some of my continuous blind line drawings, which I do by only looking at the image on the computer screen or in a magazine and don’t look at what my hand is doing hence a Blind Continuous Line Drawing.

I have done lots of different types these are some examples of just faces

img335 img332 img331 img333 img343 img342 img339 img337 img336 img346 img345 img344 img341img349 img348

DIY terrarium

I brought his funny glass for something like 50p last year, I just liked it, it was kicking around the kitchen side and my other half said “can’t you put this somewhere or do something with it” bingo, I went outside grabbed this little rockery plant and put it in its new home. It’s been in there over a week now it still seems happy and the glass has now moved from the kitchen side to our mantelpiece :)

DSCF7069 DSCF7070DSCF7066 DSCF7068 DSCF7074 DSCF7075DSCF7072

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