Making a Christmas Wreath

made by me

made by me

Forage and find

Forage and find

At this time of year I love to go out over the local park and collect some, ivy, holly and a few other types of evergreen leaves and berries. I then normally make them into a display in vase, but this year I fancied trying something new and made a wreath instead. For a first time I don’t think I did to bad 🙂 There is no frame work just string holding it together. So all you need to make your own is a local park/ or friends garden to nicked some cuttings from, may be some gloves for fighting with the holly, some string and some knot tying abilities and last but not least some artistic confidence and flair 🙂 So what’ya waiting for!

2 thoughts on “Making a Christmas Wreath

  1. The freestyle wreath has a wild elegance to it. I personally prefer some type of frame. You can find them on Amazon for $5-$10. At Northwest Wreaths we get them in bulk. I have been thinking it might be neat to offer a DIY kit on our website. Do you think that would be a good idea? Or would it ruin the fun of doing it yourself?

  2. Hello, yes I think a kit would sell, especially aimed at familys making one together, with a wire frame, some plant ideas, may be a brief history of wreath making at Christmas and a pretty bow to finish it off. Personally i’m a bit of a skinflint and i’m a arty-farty creative person and so have the confidence to give it a go without a frame but I think it would be nice as a family to make and those who lack that bit of confidence 🙂

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