Discovering local history

ImageWent over to my local park with my other half to chill out in the sun and eats some grapes, then went for a wander along the shoreline and came across some verychunky bits of glass, some with bits of words on, this of course spurred me on to find more, on some you can see its of the word ‘Portsmouth’ (the city just across the harbour from Gosport) Collected up my favourite pieces then returned home to google them to see if I could find out any local history, which I did and fascinating it was too.

This website gives the best history on the firm which is on the bits of bottle which is Mumby & Co which started in 1849 and ran until the 1960’s. One of the roads in Gosport is actually called Mumby Road.


This seems a good use for the pieces.

If you find something that interests you, then do look it up and do some research on it. You’ve never know what you might find out about your local area!



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