A long weekend away

Just got back from a lovely long weekend in Littlehampton in West Sussex. The weather was amazing, the yha hostel we were staying at was great and in a great location. We played crazy golf, went swimming in the sea, went to a local spring fayre to help a local charity, had two take-aways on the beach, went to a West Sussex Geological society talk about meteorites by train in East Worthing, went to Arundel wetland centre and feed lots of lovely birds, cycled to Arundel following the course of the River Arun, did a circular ramble through some sand dunes, went round 2 local museums, saw Robocop at the local Windmill cinema, flew a kite and played frisbee down by the sea, and meet some lovely people. Was definitely a great trip and in the UK.  Ours bikes which my Dad perfectly described as Shire Horses, their working bikes, and not like those posh stallion bikes, they definitely did us proud and felt as though we should have left them some hay and straw in the bike shed when we got back 🙂 The train journeys were great (I love trains anyway) but having been on buses a bit more recently I did keep on feeling like I had to press a button to make it stop at the station I wanted to get off at, and we kept forgetting to actually press the button to open the door, assuming that it would automatically open like that on the Underground. 🙂 And have fallen in love with Southern train stations, they are so much nicer than our South West Train stations, because they have independent cafes, and have second-hand books for sale and have lovely waiting rooms.

We always say to ourselves that this holiday we are going to relax and not rush around everywhere and cram loads of stuff in, and this time I think we did find a healthy balance between the 2. Although I didn’t once sit down in the hostels lounge 🙂

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