Phone phobia

I hate phones . . . . well I hate phone calls. I panic when the phone rings and when I have to make a call. I will run into the bedroom to get away from the phone ringing in the front room!! who does that!? If I have to make a phone call I will probably (although calls to certain people or calls on certain subjects in certain circumstances are bearable) I will probably break down many times pick up the phone psych myself up, start typing in the number then won’t be able to press call, because they’ll be able to hear that I’ve been crying, or I might be disturbing them, or they may ask me something I can’t answer to straight away etc.  which then makes me feel silly, daft and angry at myself for not being able to do it, which in turn just makes me more upset. So when I say please text me back or email me, please do 🙂

Symptoms of Phone Phobia

If you answer “yes” to any of these, your phone fear may indeed be a phobia,

Before and after calls do you…

  • feel extremely anxious when making or receiving calls?
  • delay making phone calls due to anxiety?
  • worry about bothering the other person?
  • worry about what you will say?
  • worry about embarrassing yourself?
  • avoid making calls or have others call for you?
  • obsess what was said after calls?

I answer yes to 6/7 of these

I do try and understand why it makes me feel that way. We never had a home phone or mobiles in our house till I was about 14/15 ish when my brother got a mobile, then I do remember being with my dad in the front room and my dad picked up the mobile and walked to window and was looking out (as you got better reception there) and the phone call was that my grandad had suddenly passed away in his sleep. There also many occasions like job interview type phone calls, sat waiting for the phone to ring feels like waiting for a bomb to explode the sound of the phone breaking the silence is creeping me out now just thinking about it, it makes me jump into panic mood.

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