Packing away

While packing away my Christmas bits and pieces for another year, I thought I would take some photos of my favourite tree ornaments and share them with you with the story of where I got them.

DSCF6840This cute little white bear was found in our attic when we moved house.

DSCF6858 This cute snowman we brought at the local carboot sale for a £1 or less and the lady said she brought him from Elvis’s house – Graceland. So we call him Elvis 🙂

DSCF6831 DSCF6860 This crocheted bauble I given my one of my fellow Southsea Greenhouse crafters, for helping to keep relighting candles while doing a late night xmas shopping event.

DSCF6841 This little wooden tree was made by my partner Miles at Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre.

DSCF6849 DSCF6842 These little dangly hand and legs ornaments I picked up at the local Cats Protection Christmas Fayre a couple of years ago.

DSCF6855 This is an ornament I made using salt dough and then pressed in our two front door keys of our old place before we moved out.

DSCF6866 DSCF6869 DSCF6872 DSCF6874 DSCF6880 This is a lovely colourful collection of baubles – some old and brittle and some more modern ones but I love them all 😀

DSCF6807 And here it was in all it’s glory before being packed up till Christmas 2015! 🙂

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