Commission piece

A fellow Scout leader who was a leader when I was a scout recently left (i’m now 27) and the committee got him a commission piece of naval artwork with a hint of sea scouts, however the picture bugged me as the guy who did it, did not know all that much about sea scouting as the picture had some things which they don’t have in sea scouts but may have in sea cadets for example. However I in no way blame the guy who did the commission but in a small way believed that I could have created something and also just by the fact that a fellow Scouter made the piece it would have probably mean’t more. I have no idea what the recipient thinks of the piece but if it was to me those little details would BUG me 🙂

So there I was tidying up after Beavers while the committee was going on and they talk about another fellow leader who has recently left, and talked about what she liked and about possible ideas as to what to get her, it was one of those moments . . . .now is your chance. . . . . . . .are you brave enough. . . . . . . .  I do it. . . . I speak out

Now i’ve made it man is it scary, taking the work in to show them what i’ve made :s Now the last piece was a black and white crisp image neatly framed now mine couldn’t be much further from that, the leader has seen my work previously and has said she liked the boats I had done, and I know she love spending time down the beach, and we’re sea scouts so what could be better . . . . . . . but man does self doubt creep in . . . . . .  i’m pretty sure she’ll like it which is what matters but the committee is not made of the most creative of people. Oh well we shall shortly see, whether it sinks or floats.

Our neckers are half blue and half white and we’re sea scouts


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