When Dan  agrees to go,
don’t let him go off home,
‘cos that is when he changes his mind,
(although it could really be at any time),
and text’s you on his phone,
i’m too tired or worn out,
or something about i’ve got to go out,
yer but Dan you agreed,
and said that you were free,
you even said you were looking forward to it,
so why have you started being such a git,
it always happens,
you’d thing we’d learn,
but we’re always happy to give him another turn,

it always happens,
but now the final straw has snapped,
and EVERYBODY realises your such a . . . . ,
it works a few times,
once or twice, or three or four,

but now we must of hit about 44,
you piss us off, and wind us up,
then wonder why we don’t want to meet up,
show us some respect and you might get some back,
until then don’t bother texting back!
sorry Dan but it had to be done,
we’re so cheesed off, its really not fun,
just think about it from are view,
and see how you would like it done to you!!!!!!!

This poem I wrote about a friend of mine while at school, and I wrote it in only a few minutes! and now every so often i’m reminded of it and re-read it and think wow thats a pretty cool poem lol

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