Coca-Cola adverts

I love adverts, I love Coca Cola and I love old books and objects so these old American National Geographic Magazines are amazing. These adverts are found on the back cover these are all from a pile I brought recently for less than a tenner.

DSCF7366DSCF7363 DSCF7365  DSCF7368 DSCF7369 DSCF7371 DSCF7374 DSCF7356 DSCF7357 DSCF7358 DSCF7359 DSCF7360 DSCF7361

Here are some more I recently acquired for a few pounds 🙂

DSCF8335 DSCF8326 DSCF8327 DSCF8328 DSCF8329 DSCF8330 DSCF8331 DSCF8332 DSCF8333 DSCF8334

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