The power of music

Just finished watching The Voice on iplayer then remembered I had to go out and feed the guinea pig round my mum and dads, its only round the corner so I put my shoes and coat on grab my mp3 player and wow I can’t stop dancing!!

Such a random mixture of music but all of them had me dancing and singing, I couldn’t stop moving my feet, I listened to a track and stayed in the garden next track managed to move to the kitchen, next track dining room, then I turned the light off but still couldn’t move out of the house otherwise would be a weird person singing with their feet moving all over the place heading down the pavement, then came a track which is amazing but enabled me to move from my mum and dads back home but now another awesome track!!

Started with:

The Killers – All these things that I have done (walking to my mum and dads)

Ronan Keating – I hope you dance (feeding the guinea pig in the garden)

Chesney Hawkes – One and only (stuck in the garden)

Less than jake – Help save the youth of America from Exploding (dancing in the kitchen)

Rihanna – Rude boy (moving from kitchen to dining room)

Alexandra Burke – Broken heels (dancing dining room)

Linken Park – Numb (dancing in the dining room with the light off)

Robert Miles – Children (walking back home)

Black eyed peas – Let’s get retarded (dancing sat writing this 🙂 )

I am now buzzing just by listening to some music  – it’s definitely a powerful thing


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