Now I admit I suffer from a range of anxieties, my stomach is awful in the mornings, I replay conversations over and over in my head, hate and avoid making and receiving phone calls other than from about 3 people, have great difficulty in popping round a friends for a cup of tea I feel I need more of a reason, a lot of decisions are agony although I have got better, feel guilty for not doing something but if I go do that feel like I should be doing something else so can’t win, find it very difficult to answer the door always feel like its going to be something that’s going to make me start panicking or is going to replay over and over in my head, or I won’t know what to say/ answer, if anything particularly dramatic happens during the day it will then trouble me in my dreams/ sleep, get random feelings of anxiety, worry, sickness and tension, as I can’t answer phones I send emails more and now starting getting to the point where I can’t open certain emails, struggle to ask how much things are at jumble sales etc. love it when everything is labelled and I’m sure the list goes on.

And how do they say to get help, just phone us up and make an appointment!!!!!!!!!!

There’s no hope!! 😀

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