Paper pictures

Working with paper seems to be my main joy, its a cheap and quite often free resource, needs a basic assortment of tools ie. scissors, pencil, glue stick and the occasional hole puncher (great for little circles of paper). I am in the process of making some new ones all on the theme of nature and the great outdoors either in their quotes/ words or in the visual design. These are all ones I made a while back all on the theme of gardening, some I have sold, some I have not 🙂 All of these use old gardening book pages, from books which I have picked up for free or less than 50p at various fairs, sales and possibly charity shops.

I now have a folder full of text from magazines, junk mail, free newspapers etc. all in colour specific plastic wallets! I do enjoy collecting up the words and then arranging them however some letters are very difficult to find without them overlapping another letter for example ‘f”s are really difficult and other letters like ‘z’ just don’t come up all that often, and some fonts are too curly and bunched up to be able to use – it’s not as easy as you think! 🙂

Again the frames I have picked up from various fairs, sales and charity shops.

DSCF8436 DSCF8438 DSCF8441 DSCF8442 DSCF8365 DSCF8366 DSCF8367 DSCF8371

4 thoughts on “Paper pictures

  1. Wow! They actually radiate your joy!!
    They should come with a warning : “Caution. Danger of contagious happy gardening!”
    Beautiful, Jennifer.

  2. 😀 Thank you. Only just got a garden to myself had a balcony for the last 5 odd years, its really exciting having so much room and waiting for everything to bloom hopefully into a riot of colours 🙂

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