WW2 poem

I wrote this poem for a school history homework in year 9 about life as a soldier during WW2.

The trenches were cold and damp,

everybody was all a cramp,

whether you are dead or alive

its a challenge to survive.

Guns blasting up above me,

death is all I see,

putting on our masks to protect us,

from what we can not see.

Machine guns firing all around,

bodies fall and hit the ground,

blank white faces lying there,

with arms and legs lying elsewhere.

Wishing I was back at home,

with no more Flanders Fields to roam,

A comfy house, and my lovely wife,

no more terrible sacrifice.

All those deaths and what for,

a very bloody wasteful war,

thousands of soldiers dead and gone,

and a lot of loved ones left to mourn.

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