Greetings Cards


These are all cards I have collected from my Mum and Dad from being given my own bag full of cards as a child to be able to give cards to my friends etc. I also have a number from my Nan which were almost thrown in the recycling until I saved them. Some are 1960’s and some are 70’s.

DSCF8757DSCF8758 DSCF8762DSCF8763

DSCF8760DSCF8761 DSCF8756DSCF8754

DSCF8752DSCF8753 DSCF8750DSCF8751  DSCF8747DSCF8749

DSCF8746DSCF8745DSCF8743 DSCF8742DSCF8740 DSCF8739DSCF8736

DSCF8737DSCF8738  DSCF8735DSCF8730




DSCF8801DSCF8802 DSCF8798DSCF8799 DSCF8797DSCF8796DSCF8795 DSCF8794DSCF8792DSCF8791 DSCF8790DSCF8732DSCF8789DSCF8788 DSCF8787DSCF8786DSCF8785 DSCF8784DSCF8783DSCF8782 DSCF8781DSCF8780DSCF8777 DSCF8776DSCF8775DSCF8774DSCF8767DSCF8766

DSCF8772DSCF8773 DSCF8770DSCF8771 DSCF8768DSCF8769



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