Brought treasures


These bits and pieces I picked up in the charity shops while on a cycling trip out to Lee-On-The-Solent, Gosport.

Crazy cat jug and ceramic shell were just over a £1 each, cups were 50p each and table cloth was under £1.DSCF8599

All of these bits and pieces I picked up at the St. Marys Fratton May Fayre, nearly all of it from charity stalls. I also brought myself a cactus and a strawberry plant 🙂

DSCF8621 50p

DSCF8609    50p Already been Christened with a lovely bread and butter pudding


The two plates cost me 50p, ones Palissly and one is Alfread Meakin

DSCF8611 Necklace 50p brooch £1

DSCF8605 50pDSCF8617Cost 50p


Scales currently to be used in the scout hut but if I find some less cool vintage looking ones may bring it home 🙂 cost 75p


I love this picture it was a true bargain at only £1

I’m starting to create quite a set of tapestry/embroidered/ stitched pictures – that will be a blog post for another day 🙂

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