‘It’s rather problematic, fitting a bike in a attic’

‘It’s kind of a pain, fitting a bike on a plane’

‘I feel it so entrancing, I can’t stop my feet from dancing’

‘I may be rather keen, but an hour early is a bit extreme’

Girls name idea  ‘norma-lee’

My partner has  really bad dyslexia but is getting a lot better and part of this is that he is doing a English course at the moment as part of that he had to write a few words to friends discussing where they would go on a day out as part of his homework. So we discussed he could take them to the local Historic Dockyard, or up the Spinnaker Tower, or over the Isle of Wight etc. the after doing that we suddenly realised he could have gone ANYWHERE

So here’s what I came up with:

I’ve thought of 2 ideas of things we can do. We could spend a day in the Enchanted Forest, collecting and eating the fruit of the Wackawacka tree, dancing with the wingless fairies of Ommm and swim in the Fountain of Youth. Once it get’s dark we can settle down with a DVD (Dazzling Voluptuous Dragon) in the cosy walls of the Haunted Castle of Doom.

Alternatively we could catch a ride on the 7:28 (to make a full day of it) Atlantis Express. The new express every 9 minute service to the under the sea Kingdom of Atlantis. Once down there we can grab a bite to eat at The Nautilus Snack Bar and go and visit King Neptune and get a selfie before grabbing a seat to watch the Grand national Sea Horse Race, with some oysters and winkles.

One idea I had was that we could make a inter – galactic space shuttle, with the scrap metal in the shed. I have a couple of gas bottle to give us power, my mum’s old satnav and a months supply of Coke and jellybabies. Then once up there we will obviously need to update our Facebook status, take some photo of proof and deliver the pizza to Mr. Zing Zong at 4 Sky Way Drive, Planet Wizzal, Mazoon Galaxy, PW 666. Before returning home hopefully with a very large tip.

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