Competition entry

I entered a photography competition which had to be of  photos taken from one of 6 museums.

Here’s my and my partners photos I took at the University Oxford Natural History Museum

DSCF9359DSCF9353DSCF9348DSCF9516 DSCF9511 DSCF9513

DSCF9334 DSCF9335 DSCF9336 DSCF9345 DSCF9200 DSCF9202 DSCF9234 DSCF9281 DSCF9289 DSCF9294 DSCF9305 DSCF9322 DSCF9323 DSCF9325 DSCF9326 DSCF9327 DSCF9328 DSCF9330 DSCF9331 DSCF9332 DSCF9333 DSCF9352 DSCF9353 DSCF9354 DSCF9355 DSCF9356 DSCF9357 DSCF9358 DSCF9359 DSCF9346 DSCF9348 DSCF9349 DSCF9359 DSCF9348 DSCF9353

Here’s a description of what they choose :

The 2015 Museum of the Year Photography Competition received an incredible 1,800 entries – thank you to everyone who entered! Now, it’s time for you to choose a winner out of the six shortlisted photos (see gallery below), which were handpicked by award-winning British photographer Martin Parr.

He said: ‘I was impressed with the variety of images shot for the competition, but was looking for an element of surprise in the images to go forward to the final vote. I think a moment of revelation is the key to a memorable photo, so I hope you enjoy the shortlist as much as I did selecting it.’

And yet the photo chosen for the Natural history museum is the most normal boring photo!! They probably already have something similar in their leaftlet promo material. I just was hoping they would have choosen something a little bit more unique. See it on the link below

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