A day spent shopping

All of these items I brought from charity shops during a day out to Salisbury for my partners friends engagement party. As a quick adding up it all came to about £30 which I don’t think is too bad and all the money went to a good cause.  DSCF0210    DSCF0198    DSCF0202

2 sets of the cups and saucers (Tams England) and the retro baby blue Tower weighing scales are now lovingly displayed on my kitchen windowseal, the table cloths I am collecting and use for my stall and/or workshops, the ceramic door knobs are now on my built in wardrobe, the old maps are in my ‘maps to be used for cutting and sticking’ box, the watercolour painting by R. Rollett and framed pewter bird are awaiting a hanging place, the flowery cage (lampshade) is currently outside sat on top of my compost bin. The coaster are being used on my table in the garden and the little blue frames I will use when we eventually get round to taking some cute couple photo booth photos. The 2 books are a future present to a friend.

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