Hoarded train tickets

DSCF0616 DSCF0631DSCF0617 DSCF0618 DSCF0620 DSCF0629  DSCF0632 DSCF0633 DSCF0626 I love train tickets 😀 Close family save them for me, I pick them up off the floor near train stations, hoard my own tickets, I love them 🙂

I now also use my train tickets as my own business cards however I find it difficult to part with them, so I mostly use the ones my brother amassed while commuting to work and back from Fratton to Hedge End. Where we always pre-order our tickets and then collect from the machines it means your surname is printed on the ticket which just makes it even cooler although I haven’t been through my collection yet looking for other surnames on tickets which would make a pretty cool collection. I would also love one day to try and make a pack of cards using my ticket collection.

Where I live, Gosport, is said to be one of the largest places in the UK without a train station, so this may also make trains that much more appealing, and neither myself or my partner drive so cycling and public transport is a big part of our lives so much so, I have often said to my partner that we should have shares in Southern railway 😀

In the past year we have travelled:

Return Fareham to Brighton x2

Return Fareham to Salisbury

Return Portsmouth Harbour to Salisbury

Return Fareham to Southampton x2

Return Portsmouth Harbour to Oxford

Return Fareham to Eastleigh

Return Fareham to Basingstoke

Return Fareham to Winchester

Plus probably some more I’ve forgotten

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