Badge overload


I’m in Scouting and am therefore mad about badges, I collect every badge and sew them all on my camp blanket, I was talking to my Dad about being excited after picking up a few badges for pennies from a charity shop and he said “oh I found a few badges the other day while tidying, I’ll find them again and you can have them” WOW this is not what I was expecting!! after having a quick look on Ebay someone is selling them unpackaged at pretty much £5 each! So this would be £100 not allowing for extra because their packaged. Now comes the question, because they are all packaged I could hold onto them or sell them, or just add them to my blanket? Well these won’t fit on my current blanket so at least I won’t have to answer that question just yet 🙂



And ironically I’m more of a cat person 😀

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