Anxiety poem

Anxiety poem I didn’t intend to write, it just happened:

Why do I worry so?

I do not know,

I can stand and talk in front of many,

But can I ask around someone’s house ‘Can I spend a penny?’

Not on your Nelly!

Mornings are often the worst,

Feeling like my bodies to taken over by some evil witches curse,

My body reacts, shakes and feels overwhelmed,

Like I’m no longer, the one at the helm,

The doorbell, a knock or a dreaded RINGTONE,

My bodies is gone, its reaction is crazy, yet it’s only my Mum on the phone,

Can I answer, can I not?

Let’s see today if my brain has lost the plot,

My heart bounds, my body shakes,

My legs and belly quake,

I see people I know when out and about,

But shy away, hoping not to be found out,

Certain conversations and quick decisions will play and play,

Until after many hours or even days they start to fade away,

After fighting to get myself there, someone asks if I’m ok?

That’s me gone for the rest of the day,

Most people don’t see this which I suppose is good,

However may be they should,

I know I’m a tough cookie, even though I’m crying,

I just wish I would stop the anxiety sighing,

I have strength and determination,

I just wish I didn’t get these anxiety palpitations!

I like to think I’m clever and funny,

I just wish I didn’t get anxiety tummy,

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