I will reply (hopefully)

I think I’m pretty good with replying,

My Mum and Dad don’t complain, on that basis I am relying,

If my Mum and Dad start to complain then maybe I have let things slip,

But until then maybe YOU need to get a grip,

I am me, I will reply when I am ready,

Oh’ sorry you wanted me to reply already,

Do you really need a reply straight away?

As long as you get a reply by the end of the day,

I am still in the process of replying

It is not as though someone is dying,

My life is about more than your text message,

Your life is about more than my text message,

Hope that you now have got the message,

Although it’s totally OK, if you have only checked your phone for the first time in ages and just found out you have a message, or haven’t actually read the message ‘cos you were were busy etc. etc. etc.

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