A bit about me

A collage of what I do
Hello, I have a Fine Art Degree from the University of Portsmouth and with support from being a member of Southsea Greenhouse Cooperative, I started doing my own craft stall occasionally. I would love to run and/or assist with childrens creative workshops in places like schools and museums.
     The vast majority of my work is about up-cycling, reusing and transforming objects and materials, into new lovely unique pieces. My main type of craftwork is wood burning, burning phrases/ sayings onto found and collected pieces of driftwood. (using just the sun and a magnifying glass) I also make paper mache bowls, bangles made from old rolls of sellotape and earrings made from old  jigsaw pieces. I love working with paper as its such a cheap material and is around us in abundance, but can be used to make something truly beautiful with a minimum amount of money and expensive tools and resources involved. I’m always trying new crafts and so my stall is a eclectic mix of pieces. I also love doing ‘proper’ art work however as this isn’t so commercial, it tends to take a bit of a back seat, but there are some examples of my artwork on this page, and I would appreciate any feedback on the works.

I live in Gosport, Hampshire and love where I live. I do a lot of volunteering and am in St. John Ambulance and a Beaver Scout leader. I am addicted to Pinterest, love collecting, finding, hoarding, upcycling, growing, making, writing and photographing things. I cycle everywhere and try and live life to the full with my partner of 6 years- Miles. I’m still figuring out what my dream job is and volunteering to hopefully achieve this. . . . eventually.

5 thoughts on “A bit about me

  1. Thank you both for your lovely comments, apologies for not replying earlier but have been moving house, been on holiday and then had everyone around for Christmas so only just having a bit of time to catch up i’m sure you know what it’s like. Happy New Year to you both! 🙂

  2. Hello, thank you for visiting and following me. I love your driftwood and wood burning, I live in Somerset by the sea on an estuary and gather lots of driftwood, your work has given me ideas of what to do with it all rather than having it strewn around my far too small garden.
    Thanks again

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