Priddy’s Hard, Gosport

Some of the photos I took while looking around some of the disused and derelict buildings in the old Priddy’s Hard, Gosport, which for some two hundred years was a restricted-access site; first becoming a fort and then an armaments depot for Royal Navy and British Army weapons, explosives and other stores. Just along from these is The Explosion Museum of Naval Warfare.

DSCF7949DSCF7950DSCF7926 DSCF7948  DSCF7933 DSCF7930 DSCF7944 DSCF7934 DSCF7935 DSCF7940 DSCF7942 DSCF7936 DSCF7937 DSCF7939 DSCF7938 DSCF7945 DSCF7946 DSCF7931  DSCF7947 DSCF7929 DSCF7925

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